Updating Your Home Based on Trends

Dated: August 24 2020

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We hear the word trend used a lot these days, whether someone is talking about fashion, home decor or even technology.  It only takes a few minutes into our favorite HGTV show before "trend" pops up and many days we even see it in our local newspapers and favorite magazines. 

It seems when it comes to renovation our home, there is no larger debate than the one between being on trend or deviating. 


So what should we do?


Well would you be surprised if I told you nearly everyone is using the word incorrectly?


Everyone says trend but the word they really should using is FAD.

See a trend is something changing or developing in a new directions slowly and over the course of a long period of time. A Fad is something that comes in hot and burns out nearly just as quick as it came in. 


Trends last for years and years, Fads are around for maybe one or two seasons. 

Fads can include patterned wallpaper, patterned tile floors, cork flooring or even..gulp... mason jars. I know I know, a lot of people still love them. But they came in hot and people are already trending away from country chic to modern industrial. 


See how fast things can move? It felt like just yesterday mason jars were the greatest thing on earth.  That's Fads for ya. 


So then what is a Trend then? 

For nearly 3 decades shades of brown dominated and tan completed with accents of red. Now it's shades of grey. Charcoal and light grey with accents of blue. 

I know many people can argue and have their own opinions about grey but the numbers don't lie. Not only in home decor but business logos and new branding are all shifting to greys and blues. 

Currently as well as the last 8 years, a home with light grey walls is worth nearly 2.8% more than those with tan walls. That might not seem like a large number but 2.8% on the average home price of 280k is $7,840. That's pretty significant.


So should you follow the trends or dare to break away from the crowd?

Well if you have any interest in selling your home in the next 5 years AND you care about getting the most amount of money for your home then stick to the trends and avoid fads. 

However if you know you are absolutely not going to sell in the next 5 years or don't personally care about how much money you earn on the sale of your home then my friend Go do you! :) 


Whatever you decide I would love to see your home pictures. You can share them with us here. I love seeing all of your home projects and decor :)

Can't wait to see you there!

- Danella



To find trends specific to each area of your home click the corresponding link below to read more:



Oh and I almost forgot, for those of you looking for ways to make money from your renovating and decorating, you can get a list of all the ROI positive home trends here :D


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Updating Your Home Based on Trends

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