Top Kitchen Trends in Minnesota

Dated: August 24 2020

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The kitchen has always been the heart of the home. 

While that has not changed, kitchen trends have undergone a serious transformation in the last few years. 

Just take a tour through any new home and it's easy to see, kitchens just aren't what they used to be. Here are just a few of the top kitchen trends in Minnesota.


When it comes to color trends in the kitchen, most of the population is torn between light and bright (think white cabinets and light grey counters) and others loving deep and bold (think black cabinets and modern gold hardware) 

One huge thing everyone can agree on though, is the need for more functionality out of our kitchens. 

Big easy open drawers are replacing lower storage cabinets- people with drawers say they can't imagine living without them - makes sense when you think about never having to dig in the way back for that one pot lid ever again šŸ¤£ 

We have also seen a huge rise in demand for large kitchen pantries as well.  Image title

2 of the biggest design shifts recently in our area are smudge free matte appliances and quartz counter tops. For those who still love the look of stainless, you can opt for smudge free versions now. 

Even so we are seeing a huge desire toward lightly darker matte finishes and away from stainless.

It's also official that quartz has over taken granite as the number one desired counter top material- I know I still love granite too. 

Why the shift though? It turns out people love quartz that still looks like granite but quartz unlike granite is 100% maintenance free. Quartz happens to cost slightly less than it's granite counterpart as well. 

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As for back splashes, white and glass subway tile is still king, but we are seeing beautiful 
pattered tiles popping up along with fun shapes too. Also modern black faucets and granite composite sinks.

Design is shifting away from farmhouse and into a more modern industrial inspiration with touches of natural wood and accented with geometric shapes and lots of foliage.

 Oh and yes open shelving is still a big hit :DImage title


So what do you think? What trends are you loving? Did we miss some of your favorites? Let us know and join the conversation here. 

Also are you considering updating your kitchen? Make sure you read this first!


Happy decorating!



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Top Kitchen Trends in Minnesota

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home. While that has not changed, kitchen trends have undergone a serious transformation in the last few years. Just take a tour

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