Top Bathroom Trends in Minnesota

Dated: August 24 2020

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While kitchens still rank as the most favorite room in the house, bathrooms have risen to a very close 2nd. Just like kitchen trends, bathroom trends have seen a drastic change over the last few years. 

Although the basic needs of our bathroom haven't changed, our desire to use more of our space and make our bathrooms easier and more convenient to use has completely evolved.  


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One of the biggest changes we have seen doesn't have anything to do with the appearance of our bathrooms, much rather it's function. 

By joining two (sometimes even 3) areas that we use in conjunction with each other and completely eliminating the division between closet and bathroom, we create one large open space. 

Taking a cue from our love of open concept kitchens we have added an open closet (sometimes also equipped with a washer and dryer) right into our master suites. 

Most designs have either a walk through closet as you enter the bathroom or a large opening at the back of the bathroom leading right into your closet. 

Along with open spaces, functionality also ranks high on newest trend lists. 

Storage solutions in vanities and built in shelving in showers are obviously fantastic but it doesn't end there. 

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We also want smart bathrooms. Adding tech to our bathrooms can allow us to do more while getting ready each day. 

It used to be that smart bathrooms were only for the super wealthy, but now thanks to incredible advancements, the average homeowner can install blue tooth controls in a weekend and for less than 100 dollars. 

Not to mention the smart toilets and bathtubs that can save thousands of gallons of water and be set to individualized preferences, which is great for the environmentally conscious.

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What about how our bathrooms look?

Well, greys and whites (no surprise) still remain at the top of the charts however we are incorporating black in new ways. 

From black metal shower door frames to black vanities or just black accent decor, it has become a very popular pop of contrast. 


Also we are seeing a lot of the following:

  • Modern gold hardware is becoming more popular as well but brushed nickel is still at the top of that list for now.

  • Free standing tubs have majorly replaced the once coveted over sized jetted whirlpool tubs.

  • Floating vanities are another hot item right now, making smaller bathrooms appear much larger. 

  • Wood grain tiles are dominating the scene and extra large rectangular tiles have over come the look of smaller subway tiles. 

Overall the theme of clean. simple, modern line designs are huge and will stay for quite some time to come. 


What do you think? Are you loving what you are seeing or are you dreaming of something totally different? Let me know here and join our conversation :D I would love to hear your thoughts.


See you there!

- Danella

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