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Dated: August 21 2020

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We all want our homes to be beautiful inside and out, so it's no surprise we are seeing a huge rise of our favorite interior designs being brought to the outsides of our homes as well. 

Modern black accents are massively popular right now. From the smallest of details- think exterior lighting- all the way to large sections of homes being painted in black. Also black framed windows are now everywhere, as well as black front doors and even black garage doors. 

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Home owners are using black in so many different varieties of ways that this trend really can fit in with anyone's personal style from modern to traditional. 

Along with black, darker colors in general are extremely popular. Charcoal grey and navy blue siding seems to be popping up more and more. 

Though we are seeing a lot of white and lighter colored homes too they just use the same darker colors on trim,doors, windows and on accents like board and batten. Image title

Ah, Board and Batten. B&B seems to be the hottest exterior trend right now. It really is a fantastic and striking design feature and versatile enough to work with both the ultra modern and traditional styles. 

We can guarantee this is one trend you will see even more of and will stay for some time to come. 


The pull towards mid century modern design isn't going anywhere either. 

Whether its a modern farmhouse look or industrial, those retro lines and colors seem to be everywhere. 

People are also opting for modern maintenance free materials like steel siding and roofing. Thanks to major advancement in the look and design of the products. And Joanna Gaines of course 😉

One unexpected design trend that has become increasing popular- Large front porches. While this definitely isn't a new feature, the use of them has seen a huge spike. Who doesn't love the idea of spending some time sitting on a rocking chair or cuddled up on a porch swing?

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What do you think? Have you incorporated any of these trends into your own home? I would love for you to share your pictures and ideas with me here. 

Can't wait to see you there!



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